Friday, April 30, 2010

M.I.A. - $20

This was a project that I did in Francis Jetter's Storytelling class. In this class, we not only wrote and illustrated our stories, but we also made them into legitimate books! We were done with most of our assignments and summer was coming up fast. We had the option of doing another book, but with a week left, most opted out. However, I was listening to a lot of the world artist M.I.A. at the time and was moved by one song in particular; 20 Dollar.

After a few dozen times of listening to the song, I decided to crank out a small book anyway. And honestly, I liked it better than what I did the first 10 weeks or so of class! Its pretty small, 5'" by 5" but folds out to tell the story of the first verse of the song, regarding life in Africa. It was one of my favorite pieces of sophomore year.

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